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I’m hiring for creative positions

I’m looking for a few creatives for the positions listed below. Please send applications to [email protected] with position title in the subject.

  1. Freelance writer/editor: Write or edit blog posts and web pages for stylewithnihan.com. Remote position.

      2. Freelance videographer – based in San Diego or Los Angeles: Must be creative. Must be open to experimenting with new video techniques and coming up with interesting ideas to create high-quality videos. Specifically, shooting and editing short-form content like Instagram reels, and long-form videos like Youtube and IGTV videos.

Please see THIS PAGE for Instagram reels examples.

      3. Graphic designer: Create graphic design for Instagram GIF’s, Insta story filter, website content, podcast art, and other needs like media kit updates, etc. Remote position

       4. Photography and social media assistant based in San Diego or Los Angeles: Assistance with small scale photoshoots and growth-focused social media practices. Must have an interest in photography and social media. You can learn a lot from me about marketing, social media, photography, blogging, and everything else I’m an expert at.


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