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How to travel on a budget

How to travel on a budget travel blogger Style with nihanHi loves! Today I want to share an article that I originally wrote for Bloguettes. I thought this would be a great article for my blog as well since you guys always ask me about how to travel on a budget. Hope you enjoy!

How to travel on a budget

It’s no surprise that fashion bloggers adore traveling and posting photos from famous corners of the world. Traveling can be expensive, especially when going overseas, but it can be made simple with just a few adjustments and careful planning. If you aren’t sure how you can make your bucket list trips affordable, read the tips below to learn how to travel on a budget.

Cheap Flights Exist

If your destination is on the other side of the globe, don’t be discouraged. You’d be surprised at the deals that are available. (My round trip ticket from LA to Japan was just $560!) Just book your flights in advance and do your research thoroughly. Scan multiple websites like Google Flights, Kayak, Expedia, and Orbitz. Some companies even have 24-hour free cancellations, allowing you to change your mind if you find a cheaper flight the next day.

Insider Tip: Travel experts say that Tuesday is always the cheapest day to depart and Wednesday for return. If your dates are flexible, you can also use apps like Hitlist or Airfare Watchdog to get alerts when a good fare for your destination comes up.

Ditch The Taxi

By taking the time to walk from Point A to Point B, you’ll find so much more along the way—hidden local spots, cute coffee shops, and amazing photo ops that you wouldn’t find otherwise. And it’s free! Save that $$ for gelatos and espressos—little things that will make your vacation more enjoyable and look pretty on your Instagram.

If it’s too late or you’re too tired for walking, opt for public transportation like trains or buses. They’re much cheaper than an Uber and the commute gives you a more authentic experience of the city.

Stay At A Hostel Or An Airbnb

Nice hostels do exist and will save you the most money. If you plan to take a lot of outfit photos, cozy Airbnb spaces with cute decorations make great backdrops for an #OOTD or flat lay post before you head out for the day. Double points if there’s a balcony or patio to Snapchat from! If you choose to book a hotel, use booking.com because it gives you the option to cancel your reservations within 48 hours in case you find a better last minute deal.

Bonus: While you’re abroad, you could also rent out your own room back home on Airbnb. This way, you can use the extra money to shop for new pieces and accessories while you travel!

Pick a Travel Companion Who Doubles as a Photographer

We all admire fashion bloggers who are constantly traveling and come back with tons of perfect pictures. Many of those pro bloggers hire photographers to travel with them. But since we’re talking about sticking to a budget, I recommend bringing along a personal friend or family member who will enjoy the trip, but won’t mind stopping to shoot a photo set for your blog. Just don’t forget to ask them this before you plan your trip. Not everyone would necessarily enjoy taking your photos, so communicating this ahead of time is important.

Pro Tip: Traveling Solo? Reach out to a local photographer, or just ask a stranger to take your photo. It might not the best shot of your life but hey, it’s better than not having any photos of that outfit you spent time styling, right? Plus, you’d be surprised! Some of my most popular outfit photos on Insta were actually taken by strangers on the street. A fashion blogger never gives up a chance for outfit photos! 😉

Travel experts say that Tuesday is always the cheapest day to depart and Wednesday for return.

Eat At Happy Hours & Cook At Home

Food photography is a must for fashion bloggers, and so is exploring new restaurants, but the cost of meals add up quick. If you want to take food photos at a chic restaurant, simply visit during their happy hour! Other nights, save money by cooking from the kitchen of your Airbnb. You could even snap cute pics while shopping at a local farmer’s market for fresh, affordable ingredients.

Considera Credit Card with Travel Rewards

If you don’t already have one, think about signing up for a card like Chase Sapphire Preferred. The miles you earn could eventually pay for additional flights so you can travel more and create diverse content for your blog. Another benefit of these cards is that you can use it in other countries without any foreign transaction fees and you’re eligible for free travel insurance.

Skip the International Data Plan

Save your battery for snapping photos! Besides, your accommodation will most likely have wi-fi so you can still check your texts and social media when you’re in your room.

Find Free Attractions

Look for free museums days, libraries, or concerts. You could relax on the beach, take a walk around the neighborhood, or even just people watch. There is plenty to do without spending money. My favorite locations to shoot outfit photos are streets with cute wall murals, the beach, or botanical gardens, so just be creative and take advantage of the many free locations when traveling. Don’t forget, a great photo of the sunset is always priceless!

Hope these tips inspire you to take the trip of your dreams! If you have any budget-friendly tips, make sure to leave them below in the comments!



Photo by: Hannah Koehler (@minkmade on Instagram)

Location: Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale – AZ


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