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How to style lace bodysuits

How to style lace bodysuits

Let’s talk lace bodysuits here for a minute! They’re a timeless fashion piece that doesn’t nearly get enough love in the fashion world. For me, it’s a staple in my closet and no-brainer choice when I feel sassy and feminine.

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you must know that I have ‘A THING’ for lace bodysuits. 

Seriously though, lace bodysuits are sensual, flattering, edgy and a statement piece/maker, which makes them a keeper in my closet.


I’m not going to say they’re easy to style. Because they’re not. But they’re definitely worth the extra effort. When styled right, they could look very chic and SEXY!

Oh, I love bodysuits so much! Even if they’re not lace – for their shaping purposes. They’re ultra-figure flattering, super cute tucked into even your skinniest jeans, and they make getting dressed on days when you just can’t be bothered a snap. And they work great with my body shape. They definitely help to suck in my belly when I have it (which is 70-80% of the time). I get bloated very easily, so they’re lifesavers for me. Crop tops are challenging for me to wear since they show too much skin and I refuse to starve myself to look good in them.

That’s not the case with bodysuits at all.

HOW TO LAYER: Downplay the sensual vibes of lace bodysuits with a perfect little jacket (denim or fabric), oversized cardigan, faux fur coat, puffer coat or blazer.

But… my favorite way to style lace bodysuits is by layering with BLAZERS! Seriously, if I can wear this combo every day, I would! Sometimes I style with lightweight or denim jackets too. Mostly jeans to balance the sexy vibes. Legs in addition to boobs would be a little too much in my opinion. Gotta keep it classy, you know?

And high-heels for a feminine look. They’re my go-to always. Although – I’ve been thinking about styling them with sneakers lately. Can I pull it off? 

STYLE TIP #1: If you have to wear a skirt with a lace bodysuit, make sure you’re wearing a jacket. If not, stick to trousers/jeans.

STYLE TIP #2: One more way to style lace bodysuit is over tops, t-shirts or even sweaters. Might need to try that this fall and winter. 

STYLE TIP #3: Wearing a necklace since bodysuits allow you to showcase that pretty neck of yours. Why not take advantage? As you can see it all of these images, I’m wearing not just a ‘necklace’, but I’m wearing chunky necklaces. And mostly earrings.



Another reason I love wearing lace bodysuits is that they’re a top with a bra. So I don’t actually need to wear a bra. I’m never comfortable without a bra, so not wearing a bra is a very rare occasion for me. Especially with a cute/sexy look. I was blessed on the boobs department, but they definitely look better with a little bra support. Fake boobs look great without a bra, but real ones could use little help. My bra size is problematic too. Mostly 34C, but honestly, I don’t even know anymore. It changes all the time and for different brands also.

I picked some of my favorite lace bodysuits above, and I hope one of these babies make their way into your wardrobe! Trust me; you’re going to be obsessed!



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