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5 Comfy and Chic Staple Pieces You Need For Fall 2018

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! I’m thoroughly enjoying the rain nowadays in San Diego. October is one of my favorite months, not only because it’s my birthday month but also because the October sunsets are stunning here!! Since I always get asked about my staple pieces every season, I thought it was about time I kick off a new blog series. Let’s start with my chic and comfy staple pieces for fall 2018.

While I enjoy experimenting with new trends and edgy pieces every season, there are some items that I keep going back to and include in my fall combinations. Here are my pieces that keep coming back every year:

1. A graphic or slogan tee: Easy to style with literally anything – from jeans to skirts, shorts, and even dresses – slogan/graphic tees are a lifesaver in my closet. When I don’t have the patience to style a new look or whenever I want to look effortlessly chic, I throw on my fav pair of jeans and a graphic/slogan tee and call it a day. This one from VICI is super soft, uber CHIC and absolutely perfect for layering. The fit is great and it’s so fun!

2. Oversized Knit Cardigan: Hope you guys are not tired of me talking about cardigans lately! But of course, they had to be included in this list. I’ve been wearing them with anything and everything lately! As I mentioned in my previous post, VICI has an amazing cardigan selection and this fuzzy one is one of the softest and comfiest things I’ve ever owned. The drape neckline and pockets are chic are the perfect details to this cardigan. Is it weird that I just want to snuggle with this cardigan? 🙂

3. Ankle Boots: What’s fall without ankle boots? Different trends and colors come and go, but ankle boots as a style will be around every fall/winter/spring. Some people even wear them in summer! Don’t be scared to invest in quality pieces since a black pair like the ones I’m wearing will be on repeat for you in the colder months.

4. Mini shorts or skirt: I just got a couple of new mini skirts and shorts for fall in San Diego because we’re just too lucky to be able to wear minis here in the fall! Currently enjoying these belted plaid ones and the black faux-leather ones a lot. Also, pretty obsessed with the skirt I’ve worn in my previous post (jewel colors) and I feel like minis will be huge in my looks this fall.

5. Fisherman’s Cap (Baker Boy Hat): if you want to achieve a cool-girl vibe in an instant, go for a Fisherman’s cap! I’ve talked about them before and will keep talking about them forever. Hats are one of my all-time favorite accessories and most of the time they’re lifesavers for me. Not only can they save you from a bad hair day or rain, but they can also be the finishing touch to an outfit, and sometimes can be the statement piece of a look. Especially in the fall. I always get super excited for the new hat trends!

Do you have an item catching your eye most? Or are you grabbing one of each, like me?





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