Most people think maxi dresses are for spring and summer, but if you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I don’t really follow the rules when it comes to fashion.

I love wearing maxi dresses – especially when I’m traveling – for many reasons:


1) They’re easy to pack and they don’t take up much space in my luggage. Rolling them is a great way to prevent them from getting wrinkled.

2) They’re super easy to style! If it’s hot in your destination, wear your maxi dress with flat sandals or sneakers like I did – perfect for walking around and looking cute at the same time. Don’t forget to add a cute backpack or a tote bag! For a chillier destination, style them with cowboy boots or ankle boots, and layer them with a sweater or a jacket or both 🙂 I personally LOVE layering maxi dresses with oversized sweaters. The juxtaposition of a fitted maxi dress and an oversized sweater screams style to me 🙂 Accessories like layered necklaces, a chunky bracelet, and petite rings have been my go-to accessories lately but feel free to play around with it. You can even add a hat which I use a lot when I travel to cut down on the hair styling time.

3) One of the best things about maxi dresses is that they can be dressed up easily. Just add high-heels and a girly bag and voila! You’re ready for an elegant dinner look.

Currently loving dresses and tops from a local LA brand called Reformation – they’re fairly new but killing the cool girl dressing game lately! All of their styles are super flattering and girly! If you guys are not familiar with them, I highly recommend checking out their styles and Instagram which is one of my favorite accounts to follow! They also recently started selling at Nordstrom.com and Nordstrom stores which made it super easy for me to shop their styles. In this exact color, this dress is sold out, but it’s still available in a white floral color. You can get it HERE. I’m linking some of their dresses I’ve been eyeing since I got back from NY – you’ll probably see me wearing some of these soon – and hopefully, you’ll get one or two for yourself. Trust me; you won’t regret it!

Now that you know why maxi dresses are my go-to for my travels, I hope you pack one or two on your next trip and let me know if it makes packing and styling more manageable for you!



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