Zara floral embroidered leather jacket

Topshop off the shoulder bell sleeves top and velvet choker

Style with Nihan wearing Floral embroidered and studded biker jacket

Style with Nihan wearing Floral embroidered and studded biker jacket and destroyed jeans

Style with Nihan in downtown San Diego

Happy Monday! After a lot of stay-at-home work days to finish projects and Pilates classes last week, this week is going to be a little bit more eventful for me. A visit to the vet with my dog tomorrow, a blogger event in downtown San Diego tomorrow night, a work dinner on Thursday night, a photoshoot and maybe even a weekend trip… There’s something going on every day which makes it hard to have time to work on my freelance marketing projects, but I’ll try my best!On a fashion note, I’ve been obsessed with any kind of embroidery this past year. Jeans, bags, tops, denim jackets, you name it. Whatever the piece, it adds a great touch of detail! This time, my embroidered find is a faux-leather studded biker jacket. The flower print on this jacket reminds me of one of the flower emojis. Do you know which one I’m talking about? 🙂 🌺 Since the jacket is a statement on its own, I decided to style it with destroyed jeans, an off the shoulder bell sleeve top and silver pumps to match the studs. I added a simple velvet choker to spice up the off the shoulder top. Who’s embroidery obsessed like me? Comment below and tell me what your favorite embroidered items are!