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Hello fashionistas,
I am introducing another new concept today. It’s called ‘Trendy Tuesdays’. Every tuesday I will bring you a new fashion/style trend and show you how I customize and adopt that trend to my own true style.
This week’s trend is prints on dresses. Now you might say this is not a very new trend but it actually is because this trend keeps coming back every season with new prints and new lengths/shapes and designs. The trick with wearing a printed dress is to keep everything else simple and subtle. The main attraction should be your dress so let your dress shine. You will however see in the pictures below that it is still possible to accessorize your dress with crazy shoes, jewelry and purses. Just don’t go overboard. At the end of today it’s only about having fun with fashion though and feeling good about yourself. So even if you go overboard with it, just keep being you and rocking what you wear ๐Ÿ™‚ See below I am wearing a pink plaid dress and I’m wearing pink shoes with metals and stuff!! What!?! In another picture I am wearing a dress with prints from godzilla to macaroons and I am wearing silver studded shoes!! Oh My God Right! As I said, it’s all about making it work and being comfortable in whatever you wear.
I’m sure I have more printed dresses but I didn’t want to make this post super long, plus I am planning on different posts focusing on only florals and other prints so this is just a general printed dresses trend post. Let me know which one of my dresses below is your favorite? And also if you would like to see outfit details for each outfit.


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