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Monday Blues

Every monday I’ll be posting a fashion/lifestyle tip that will help you overcome the monday blues. Well, ummm, you have to believe in this ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s my first monday tip: Rock a blue kimono/jacket, forget the shoes and dip the toesies in the freezing ocean. What do you guys think? I’ve always been a fan of wearing blue on mondays and I’ve been posting my blue themed outfit pictures on my instagram but from now on I’ll be more consistent about it and publish it here on ‘style with nihan’.

Today, I went to downtown San Diego to visit the revamped San Diego Central Library. I discovered this new (probably not but I never walk around East Village) sandwich shop called ‘The District’ and decided to try it. I had the cold turkey sandwich with salad and it was pretty good. I don’t why but I actually didn’t take a picture of it. I wish I did so I could insert a picture here and you guys would see what it looked like. After that, I got coffee and went to the library. Going to the central library has been in my things to do list for a while now but I never had the chance. I started with the cute gift shop in there and even got myself 2 little candles that were on a crazy sale. Right outside the gift shop, I noticed a lego of the library and the neighborhood which was cute, And then I found myself the best spot with the view and started working. 

Has anyone been to the new central library in Downtown San Diego? I’d love to hear your stories.


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