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5 Amazon Buys Under $50 You Need In Your Life! – Home Edition

Hi lovelies,

I’m back after a short break and so excited to share brand new content with you!

I didn’t do any Black Friday/Cyber Week shopping this year since I’ve been in Hawaii for Thanksgiving break and boy, it feels good! I haven’t had a tropical vacay in a while so sitting in front of my laptop/phone to shop the sales was not interesting to me. On a shopping note, I’ve been wanting to share my top Amazon picks that I’ve been using almost every day in the last few months so here you go.

  1. Wireless camera/dog cam/baby cam: I’m a control freak and I want to know what my dog is up to when I’m not home. He’s very clever and sneaky, so I must know if he’s being a good or bad boy. A few times I caught him chilling on my expensive marble table! See the pic below. This camera is a great deal for $36.99. Works great, it rotates, takes photos and videos – even in the dark, and the best part is that it has a two-way audio function so I can hear him and I can talk to him! He rarely barks, but when do does, it can get loud so I tell him to stop barking and he stops. 🙂 A must buy for all dog parents!

2. Bamboo clothing rack: I searched for a clothing rack for months and months, read soo many reviews, and almost ordered the expensive ones from Urban Outfitters. But I’m so glad I decided to give this rack from Amazon a shot! $40 for a sturdy clothing rack is not bad deal. I put so many things on this rack and it’s pretty sturdy. One of the wheels came off once or twice, but I carried the entire thing over the carpet – so it’s totally normal. It was easy to put it back. Most reviewers said they don’t even use the wheels so I think I’ll take mine off too. I use it mostly for decor and seeing my new purchases so it stays where it is.

3. Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set: I purchased a cheap essential oil diffuser from TJ Maxx for the first time two years ago and I’ve been obsessed with oil diffusers since then! Some oils help me focus, relax, get happy, etc., so I’ve actually been using that one at work for almost 6 months now. I decided it was time I got a new one for my home. The price for this diffuser + 10 essential oil set was unbeatable! The oils are not organic or super special, but I’m not obsessed with getting essential oils organic so it works me. The diffuser is cute too! I use it at home every day. I love it and would buy it again.

4. Con Air Hand-Held Fabric Steamer: I needed a steamer for my travels, so I got this hand-held fabric steamer after a blogger friend recommended it. It is actually too big to travel with, so I ended up getting a smaller one to travel with. This one is great to use at home. One of the best fabric steamers in the market for the price and comes with 3 removable attachments: fabric brush, creaser, and soft cushion brush. According to the description, it also kills dust mites and bed bugs, so let’s pray I’ll never have to use it for that.

5. Deodorizing Dog Wipes: Keeping my dog and my house clean is really important for me – and I’m a germ freak – so I always wipe his body (head to toe) after his walks to clean him and get rid of the outside smells. I was busier than normal this fall, and couldn’t even go to the store to get more wipes for him so decided to order these wipes from Amazon and ended up loving them! They clean pretty well – even when he has mud or dirt on his paws – they smell super fresh, leave his coat shiny, and alcohol-free. They do the job for a quick clean-up before he jumps on my pink velvet couch. He owns that couch.

I hope you find this post helpful and I’d love to know what your fav Amazon purchases are!



5 Amazon buys under $50 you need in your life


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