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20 Qualities I love about myself

After doing a self-worth practice this morning, I was super inspired to write a few(!) qualities about myself that I’m proud of. The instructor I’ve been following on Youtube asked everyone to share 5 qualities they love about themselves and me being the queen of extremes, I couldn’t just write 5 and decided to turn this idea into a blog post. So here you go!

  1. I’m creative.
  2. I’m open-minded.
  3. I’m bold and I don’t give a shit about what people who don’t know me think about me.
  4. I’m kind, loving, and compassionate.
  5. I make people smile, and I’m witty.
  6. I’m resilient, I’m a survivor, and I don’t give up.
  7. I influence, empower and uplift others in a positive way.
  8. I’m optimistic, positive and calm.
  9. I’m learning to be more generous than I am.
  10. I’m a dreamer. I have big dreams, I want big things, and I know I will get them all.
  11. I’m getting better at trusting my inner wisdom and instincts.
  12. I’m bold and courageous when it comes to following my dreams and passion.
  13. I’m constantly trying to be a better/more successful version of myself.
  14. I’m charming, and I’m as beautiful inside as I’m beautiful on the outside.
  15. I’m patient(working on this), and I believe that what’s meant for me won’t pass by me. If it’s mine, it’ll come (back) to me.
  16. I can self-reflect, and I have the power to change what I don’t like about my actions/myself.
  17. I can step out of my comfort zone. Especially when things are not going the way I want them to or growing.
  18. I’m an explorer. I find things/places to explore even when I’m able to travel.
  19. I’m a free spirit. I moved from Turkey to the U.S. 11.5 years ago to follow my dreams.
  20. I have a fantastic style and an excellent eye for detail and design.

What are some of the qualities you love about yourself? Would love to know!




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