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10 Hot Trends You Need to Wear This Spring and Summer 2018

10 Hot Trends You Need to Wear This Spring and Summer 2018

Spring is officially here, and I’m obsessing over the many fresh, experimental, playful and bright trends I’ve been seeing. There is something for everyone, from classic chic to pastels to retro throwbacks. The unexpected return of the fanny packs, cherry print, gingham and slim sunglasses make the 90’s vibes impossible to ignore this season. So keep scrolling to discover the top 10 trends you’re about to see everywhere this spring and summer to help jumpstart your warm-weather wardrobe and get you ahead and ready this season! 

1. Cherry Print

Definitely one of the hottest trends this season, I actually started wearing this trend back in February! One of the perks of living in SoCal is you can get away with wearing fruit prints, even in winter. Think of this print as a flashback from the 90s and an easy way to add color to your wardrobe.

I think cherries are the perfect mix of sexy and vintage, and I’m already investing in silky, flowy mini and maxi dresses. And I can’t wait to experiment with cherry print swimwear for fun summer getaways! 


2. Slim and Retro Sunglasses

These sunglasses have been everywhere lately, and I got sucked into them myself too. Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize and elevate any look, and I’ve particularly been drawn to the 90s vibe of this trend.


3. Belt Bags

I have to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of fanny packs—until last week! As I was picking Coachella outfits, I realized these bags are currently a HUGE TREND, so I had to get on board with it. At least they have a high fashion twist this time around.

I’m also excited to be hands-free but still have a cute bag to complete my outfits—especially during my travels and music festivals this summer. I’m seeing these bags being used as a belt to cinch oversized shirts and give them more shape, so I’m planning to style one a bit high waisted; more European kind of vibes.


4. Wicker Bags/Raffia Bags

This trend was one of my top trends last summer and I’m stoked that it didn’t leave the fashion scene. Currently I’m SUPER obsessed with this black number, and I’ve been getting so many compliments. It goes with every outfit, so please let me know if you guys find any similar bags because I’m ON THE HUNT for similar ones.


5. Gingham Print

If you’ve found yourself wondering what the “It print of Spring and Summer 2018” is, I’ve got the answer for you: gingham is the print you need to be investing in this season! This print adds the perfect amount of the causal retro vibes to any look, and that’s why I love it so much. I’m specifically loving the pink, yellow and orange mini skirt and crop top coords, but there are so many ways to wear gingham now through summer. 


6. Vintage Florals

I don’t think there will be a spring where florals won’t be on trend, and I have zero complaints about this. Last year, super big and bold florals were very popular, whereas this year the floral prints are medium sized and tiny. Watch out for floral patterned jackets, maxi dresses (FOREVER ON TREND) and matching sets.


7. Blazers

Another trend that’s been here since last year is blazers. I love that blazers can be so versatile! Dressy, casual, street style, or you name the vibe! I wear them with crop tops, T-shirts, sweaters, skirts, denim, etc. Definitely planning to style my new striped ones with belts, street style lingerie (bodysuits) and one piece swimsuits, with denim on the bottom obviously 🙂


8. The “Ugly” Trainer

Yes, the big chunky trainers that look like your dad’s sneakers. Almost every blogger owns the Louis Vuitton version nowadays, but I honestly might just have to skip this trend. Don’t think it’s really my style, but I’ll still keep an eye to find a pair that I might be to pull off!


9. Pastel Hues

An obvious and absolute must wear trend every spring! From mint green to yellow sorbet, pretty pastels are my absolute favorite trend. Pinks and purples especially make any outfit look fresh and spring ready, and instantly elevate your mood.

Shades of purple—specifically lavender and ultraviolet —dominated the runways and street style roundups during Fashion Week this year, so it’s not a surprise the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is ultraviolet. It can be worn as a full monochrome outfit or as a pop of color, like a bag or jacket. You really can’t go wrong with either way! 



10.  Plaid

We’re seeing this print especially in summer suits and mini skirts this spring. I’ve already worn this H&M plaid skirt (only $34.99) many times and planning to invest in a plaid summer suit ASAP!


Which trend are you most excited to try?





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