Home » The Secret Lives of Bloggers #8: Blogging about Marijuana, writing long blog posts, SEO, comment pods, photo editing and Lightroom filters with Erica from FashionLush.com

Casa Malca Tulum Pablo Escobar's Mansion

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode! I’m excited to interview a total badass/super dope/mega babe San Diego blogger, super creative and bagel obsessed Erica from FashionLush.com. Erica is one of the most different and brave bloggers out there who is not afraid to talk about controversial topics like Marijuana, blogger burnouts, and many more interesting topics! Her edgy and sporty casual style makes her stand out even when she’s writing about weed. Some of her pictures definitely remind me of the Sporty Spice and since I like to be called the Posh Spice myself, maybe we’ll start our girl band one day 🙂

I really hope you enjoy this podcast, find it helpful, and subscribe to me on iTunes!

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