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Top 10 Most Inspirational Style/Fashion Blogs To Follow

Top 10 Most Inspirational Style/Fashion Blogs

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of style bloggers out there, so it definitely gets frustrating sometimes to decide which blogs to check out. Today I’m sharing my personal favorite/most original style bloggers to follow and get inspiration from! 

  1. Aimee Song from SongofStyle.com: Aimee Song is definitely one of my favorite style bloggers out there! She’s the queen of street style and always puts her own twist with a bit of glam even in her dressed down looks!
  2. Julie Sariñana from SincerelyJules.com: The quintessential California style ambassador Julie does an exceptional job of combining her relaxed, California girl style with chic Parisian looks. She also started her own clothing line which makes it easy to dress her like when you need some style inspo!
  3. Chriselle Lim from Thechrisellefactor.com: Starting off a wardrobe stylist, Chriselle’s model-like figure, big goals and ambition to turn her passion into a six-figure business definitely paid out. She grew her business into a big team of people working for her and worked with top brands in the world. Her IG stories are some of my faves since she shares a lot of beauty tips and tricks and musings from her home life, marriage, adorable daughter and travels around the world.
  4. Negin Mirsalehi from NeginMirsalehi.com: With her luscious locks and princess-like hair, this stunning Middle Eastern girl who resides in Amsterdam is constantly jet-setting the world just like her peers in the industry. She has a huge marketing team behind her and launched her own hair-care brand a couple of years ago. I hear she did almost $3 million in sales in the first of her launch while continuing to make at least $20,000 per sponsored Instagram post.
  5. Chiara Ferragni from TheBlondeSalad.com: With almost 11 million Instagram followers and a fashion line under her belt, Chiara is the top fashion influencer in the world. Even though she doesn’t write her own blog anymore (she has a team of writers writing fashion stories and trend features for her blog), her Instagram is a big inspiration source or a behind the scenes look to her glamorous and jet-setting adventures.
  6. Leonie Hanne from Ohhcouture.com: Known for her enviable travel photos on Instagram, this German blogger with 1.6M. followers has quickly built up a reputation for her impeccable style but mostly adventures. She is the exact definition of globetrotter and gives everyone the lust for traveling in style and having a fantastic photographer boyfriend.
  7. Nicole Warne from GaryPepperGirl.com: With a glamorous and unique, oh so chic style, chic Australian blogger definitely created a big name for herself in the fashion world. She started with a vintage boutique and ended up in the cover of tens of fashion magazines, was named InStyle’s ‘Women of Style’ in 2017, featured in Forbes ’30 Under 30’ List and Business of Fashion’s ‘500 People Shaping the Global Industry’ List for three years in a row!
  8. Erica Hoida from Fashionedchic.com: Erica from fashionedchic.com is a San Diego blogger girl/boss babe and one of the most sought-after style bloggers nationwide. Her distinctive, high-end and edgy chic style makes her stand out in the blogging world. She has stunning content on her Instagram, and her photography and editing definitely started a new trend in the blogging world. Can’t wait to have her on my podcast soon!
  9. Tezza Barton from ByTezza.com: She might not have millions of followers like most of the bloggers mentioned in this post, but she definitely will soon! This aspiring NYC-based photographer/musician/blogger with a boho-rocker-chic style stands out with her energetic, colorful, fun and powerful aesthetic, photography and editing. It definitely doesn’t hurt that she’s 6ft tall which makes modeling/blogging easier! She’s the exact definition of being original and is one ofmy favorites for inspiration on the insta world lately. She also released presets since she’s fantastic at editing and I myself snagged one of her presets and want to get more. Definitely check her out!
  10. Wendy Nguyen from Wendyslookbook.com:With her classic, timeless and trendy style, Wendy has been one of my favorite bloggers to get inspired since I discovered her youtube channel years ago. She’s got the creative genes when it comes to playing with different textures, shapes, and colors to spice up her style. Her personal story is even more inspirational than her style: She grew up in foster care, carried her belongings in a trash bag and worrying about being homeless at age 18. Her story proves that anything can be accomplished as long as you can dream about it. The sky is the limit!

Do you guys have any go-to style/fashion bloggers that you swear by too? Let me know down below and have a great day!


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