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Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil Review

Ola from Tulum, Mexico!

I’ve packed a lot of cute outfits for this trip, but that’s not the case for makeup at all! I typically don’t wear makeup when I’m in a hot climate – except for special occasions. It’s a good break from applying makeup a couple of times a week back in San Diego, plus I wear sunnies all the time, so no need for it at all in my opinion.

I do pack a lot of sunscreen, moisturizers and lip balms though! My Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil had to come with me on my trip since my lips constantly need to be moisturized without getting too oily – especially after a long time under the sun and in humid weather. These lip products are pretty sheer; almost transparent so don’t expect a strongly tinted lipstick. They have a nice subtle scent and a mirror-like shining effect too.

I’ve tried Candy and Tangerine, and they’re both perfect for summer days when you don’t want a sticky moisturizer but just need a hint of color with high gloss shine. Perfect for kissing your significant other or kids ๐Ÿ™‚ They lasted on me for hours and hours but I kept re-applying simply because I like how it feels on my lips. The shades that I tried both have a unique formula that reacts to the pH of your lips and gives them a customized shade of pink for a natural, high-shine result.

Another thing I like about Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is that they are formulated without parabens or sulfates. The formula is a pure plant oil formula—with a blend of hazelnut and organic jojoba oils— so you actually feel this product nourishing and smoothing your lips while forming a layer to help lock in moisture for deep hydration. The applicator is super easy to use and delivers the perfect amount of tint and gloss.

If you’re looking for an easy and quick lip moisturizer with a transparent shine you can apply while on-the-go and without a mirror, this is a definitely a great one to invest in!

Have you tried these lip oils yet? What’s your current favorite lip product? I’d love to know!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil provided courtesy of Clarins for review consideration.


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