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Winter Essential: Faux-Fur Leopard Coat

It’s been pretty cold here in San Diego lately – or should I say for California standards? It’s still pretty warm compared to Russia 🙂 It’s also raining a lot so I’m stoked to be sporting my winter wardrobe. I still have so many coats that I carried with me back in the day when I moved from Istanbul to San Diego, and nowadays I only wear these coats when I visit Europe or the East Coast.

For me, a statement coat like this faux-fur leopard print number is an easy way to keep warm in cold days while still looking stylish with a cool twist.

Leopard is one of those prints that will forever be a classic and never go out of style. You guys know I’m obsessed with prints and I probably wear prints more than anyone you know! But, there’s something special about leopard print. I feel sassy and powerful when I wear leopard. Who’s feeling me ladies? So this brings me to say that this outfit is a power outfit for me. A pair of skinny jeans which make me look as elongated as possible 🙂 and a leopard coat combo that makes me feel like a rock star on tour – Can you tell Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies? 🙂 The reason I started my blog was to encourage women to create unique and compelling looks that will boost their confidence, and this is definitely of one those outfits that I’m hoping will  inspire you all.

I know I know, it’s a bold print, and it requires some effort to style it correctly – not a go-to type of piece –  but I think it’s worth the effort.

Stay dry everyone and thanks for stopping by!


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