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H&M wool felt hat and striped turtleneck

Striped turtleneck and wool felt hat

Hey loves,

It’s been a while since I got bangs but I’ve been having issues styling them so this wool felt hat is my best friend nowadays. Even though I have a big hat collection most days I don’t wear them. This hair situation gave me an excuse to remember my beloved hats. This green wool felt hat from H&M is so chic and casual at the same time. Unfortunately this one is sold out so here are a few similar styles:

The green and beige colors in this outfit complement each other like peanut butter & jelly. And yes I still wear biker jackets every day :). If you missed Suede biker jacket you can read it Suede biker jacket. H&M has been carrying great items lately and the wool felt hat, turtleneck top and biker jacket are all from H&M.

Speaking of H&M, I have a discount code for you guys: Get 20% off $60+ with code 3290.The code expires 2.28 so it’s a great chance to buy the items you’ve been keeping in your shopping cart for months. That’s what I exactly do lol. The top that I’m wearing is currently on sale for $19.99! Feeling bummed that I paid full price for it but it happens to everyone, right? The suede biker jacket is $49.99 and with 20% off it comes to $39. Not a bad deal for this great jacket that I love!



Striped turtleneck and wool felt hat

Striped turtleneck and wool felt hat

h&M biker jacket

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Green wool hat and tan biker jacket

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Photos by: Brianna Olsen


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