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How to look chic in sweatpants

Nihan wearing sweatpants, sneakers and a black lace top at Suspension Bridge

 Who says you can’t look chic in sweatpants? Fashion is all about making the clothes you own work for you and it’s 2015 so anything in fashion is impossible! By pairing a lace black top like the I’m wearing here, a pair of cool sneakers and a jacket/coat that covers the booty, you can make sweatpants look chic and stylish!

Nihan wearing sweatpants, and a blue long coat at bridge

 Spruce Street Suspension Bridge in Bankers Hill is a one of a kind bridge and one of new my favorite places in San Diego. If you live in San Diego, you should definitely go one day and take a look at the view from the bridge. The bridge actually sways so don’t forget to jump and have some fun!

Nihan sitting on Suspension Bridge and showing her outfit

Nihan Jumping on Suspension Bridge San Diego looking funny

Nihan at Suspension Bridge in San Diego watching birds and showing her outfit

Nihan showing her ootd, grey sweatpants, grey sneakers, black Topshop lace top and white purse

Top: Topshop, Sweatpants: Wet Seal, Purse: H&M, Coat: Lulu’s, Sneakers: Topshop, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Criminal Activity Signs Suspension Bridge San Diego


Photos by: Brianna Olsen


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